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Přijede na řadu

Diablo II
Ultima underwotld II: Labyrinth of worlds
Wing commander V
Wing commander II
Stone prophet
Dungeon master II
Monkey island I
Monkey island II
Sam & Max hit the road
Maniac mansion: day of the tentactle
Police quest 1,2,3,4
Lands of lore
Syndicate wars
Gothic I
Gothic II
Mech commander I
Mech commander II

Již projelo v roce 2019
Warhammer: shadow of the horned rat (nedohráno :( )
Star wars: Empire at war
Dark messiah of M&M
Layers of Fear
Aliens: Colonial marines

Již projelo v roce 2018
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Full throttle (remster verze)
Wasteland 2

Již projelo v roce 2017
Indiana Jones IV
Indiana Jones III
Lands of lore II
Death knights of Krynn

Již projelo v roce 2016
Champions of Krynn
Call of duty : Modern warfare
Call of duty : Modern warfare 2
Call of duty : Modern warfare 3
Shadow of the comet

Již projelo v roce 2015
Diablo I
Max Payne 3

Již projelo v roce 2014
Batman Arkham city
Metro 2034
Legend of Grimrock
Company of heroes II
Might and Magic X: The Falcon & The Unicorn (DLC)
Wing commander I
Ultima underworld: Stygian abbys
Hard reset
Crimson skies
Wing commander IV
Binary Domain
Might and Magic X:Legacy
Wing commander III
Dark sun: shattered lands

Již projelo v roce 2013

Burnout paradise
Batman Arkham asylum
Warhammer: mark of chaos
Eye of the beholder III
Deus ex human revolution
Dead space
Serious Sam 3
Future wars: time travellers
James Bond: stealth affair
Company of heroes: opposing fronts
Eye of the beholder II
Eye of the beholder
DNF forever: doctor who cloned me
Company of heroes
Duke Nukem forever

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